Financial Aid

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are available in several instructional areas. These include group/class piano, applied piano, piano accompanying, musical theatre accompanying, music education, music theory, music appreciation, music listening laboratory and music tech recording. All students are encouraged to apply for an assistantship as a means of ameliorating the costs of academic study.. Faculty review all applications and make recommendations for appointments to the Graduate Music Office. Doctoral students may hold an assistantship for three years upon the recommendation of the faculty and masters degree students for two years. Applicants for graduate assistantships in class piano and applied piano teaching must interview in person, usually as part of the audition process. Applicants are asked to submit a list of teaching experience, notation of special expertise and other experiences that may serve to strengthen the application. Students are encouraged to apply for assistantships in all areas where they have special interests and expertise.

International students applying for graduate assistantships may be required to successfully pass a series of English tests administered by the English Assessment Office prior to appointment. Contact the OU Gradute College Website for detailed information.

General information on tuition and fees can be found on the OU link to the OU Tuition Estimator.

Departmental Scholarships

A small number of cash scholarships are available to graduate students in piano pedagogy. These scholarships are generally are less than $1500 annually.

Additional Funding

Some graduate students defray portions of their educational costs through accompanying various choral ensembles and through studio accompanying. Students interested in accompanying should outline prior accompanying experience as part of the application process. Please contact Professor Stephanie Leon Shames.